Not a fan of traditional weddings? Then an elopement might be your type of a dream wedding day experience.

We remember it like it was yesterday. The bride wrote us an email just 15 days ahead and told us about their simple plan. Together with their closest relatives and a few friends, they would drive up to the mountains (as they love hiking), have a short ceremony at 2.000 metres, hang out a little bit to enjoy the magnificent views and then head back down to the valley where they would have a picnic by the river. 

Being used to mostly traditional weddings with detailed and exact timelines, we weren’t really sure what to expect. But – wow, the idea seemed so unique and different! It really sounded like “them”, like something they truly envisioned for themselves. And we wanted to be a part of that special experience. 

In the end, it was absolutely an amazing day that we will never forget. It was as simple, relaxed, adventurous and joyful as it sounds. Very little planning and loads of laughter and tears. It was all about the celebration of their commitment in the circle of people who know them best and could really be themselves around. Up to that moment we never thought that something so simple could turn out so amazing and so personal.   

Elopement Slovenia

Break away from tradition

Over the past few years, we’ve talked to many couples who dread the idea of a traditional wedding. It’s not that they wouldn’t want to get married, it’s just that they want to avoid all the stress around the planning and all the details, meeting everyone’s expectations and splurging the money on a day that will be dedicated to everyone else more than them.

For us, ever since we shot our first wedding at the top of the mountain, everything changed. We fell in love with the idea of elopements. Before that, we didn’t even have an idea how a wedding can differ from the classic ones we had always been part of. 

Intimate Wedding Couple in Slovenia Highlands

What exactly is an Elopement?

You may have come across the word “elopement” but never really though about what it really means. If you search for it’s definition, you will probably find “run away secretly in order to get married”, which is a very old meaning. Nowadays, Elopement is most often considered (and that is how we see it) simply as an intimate wedding with the main focus on the single most important thing: your commitment to each other. There is no actual rule that it includes just the two of you, couples often decide to include family members or friends that are really close to them as well – but certainly not more than up to maybe 20-25 altogether. 

Elopement Slovenia

How does an Elopement look like?

There’s the beauty of it: it looks exactly like you want it to. Let your mind wandering for a minute … What would your personal dream wedding day look like? It may include vow exchanges at the top of the mountains, in the middle of the forest, at the backyard of your home, by the river, where you shared your first kiss, or any place else that has a special meaning for you or you’ve always wanted to visit together but haven’t yet had a chance. Of course it does not have to be outdoors at all. You can pick any place you really like.

Before or after the ceremony/vows exchange, you can take a walk or a hike, you can have a long drink or dinner together, arrange a picnic or a small private party, a fancy dinner with your loved ones … whatever crosses your mind and sounds amazing to you! You set the rules. This day is a complete reflection of your wishes.

If your mind is wondering if this really still counts as a wedding – of course it does. Who said that there’s only one proper way to do it? Just because majority of people we know are doing it in a certain way, it doesn’t mean it is the only possible way.  

Elopement Slovenia

Why it might work for you

Do you relate to any of the following:

  1. Classic wedding just don’t feel authentic to you and you don’t see the point in all the traditions, stressful planning and spending money on something you won’t even enjoy.
  2. You hate being in the centre of attention, especially in front of people you don’t know very well.
  3. You would love to make a commitment to your partner but would just want to do it in a way that would make sense to you. Alone or with a few people closest to you.
  4. You believe the point of getting married is about the experience itself, not about the stuff and a million of details.

If yes, then Elopement just might be a great option for you.

Couple in the highlands

Does this mean no wedding dresses, bouquet etc.?

As already said – Elopement is first and foremost about you two. If you love to wear a bit more special dress while saying out your vows – of course you can! Do you adore flowers? Have an amazing bouquet or flower crown. If it doesn’t make sense to you, then don’t. Invest into those few things that are important to you, just don’t lose yourself in details and accidentally end up planning a classic wedding. Remember why you chose to do Elopement in the first place. It should remain a day focused on your beautiful commitment to each other.

Elopement Slovenia
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