About the Why behind our Wedding Photography

We were driving back home in silence, both gathering our thoughts and impressions from everything that happened throughout the wedding day. It took me a while to form a sentence in my mind that really represented what I felt. I finally broke the silence with: “Today I think I regained my hope in love and humanity.” It was the moment when I truly felt and understand the “Why” behind our Wedding Photography.


We’ve never considered ourselves mainstream. Not in the way we create, not in the way we live or think or love or anything. We don’t follow trends and we don’t really care (or, on a bad day, at least try not to care) what majority of people likes. We’re really not good at small talk. But when it comes to deep and meaningful topics, we can talk for hours. We like to choose our own path and keep discovering what feels good and honest and beautiful to us. Some call it “the harder way”, for us it is the only way that makes sense. 

This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Keeping away from the crowd can sometimes leaves us wondering how many similar souls are left out there. Souls who dare to feel, to openly express their emotions, to speak their minds. And who want to leave this world a better place when they leave. It gets us thinking how the society has changed. How people are craving for cheap attention while getting more and more distant and disconnected. From each other and from the planet that gives us home.

The Why behind our Wedding Photography

But then we get lucky to photograph an amazing couple’s wedding where an instant magic happens. From their first look in each other’s eyes it is obvious that their connection is something people search for a lifetime. We come to the wedding and find ourselves among such warm, kind and open minded people, who are so genuinely excited and happy for the couple. Who get tears in their eyes during the ceremony. And then there are these young, innocent, joyful kids who run to the bride and give her the most honest and loving hug ever … 

We are surrounded by mostly complete strangers yet in a way it starts feeling like home. It is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe. But right then and there, we feel like this world is a great place where so much good is still left. In that moment we are so eager to encapsulate all those emotions, great feelings and the whole atmosphere into the photos. And we can’t wait to share them with the couple and for everyone else to see them. We believe these stories we capture are the testimonies of so much good and beautiful in this world and need to be shared and retold. Because just like with us, they might help somebody else regain the hope in love and humanity as well. Or let them see and feel how a wedding can be so much deeper and more personal … and different from anything they have ever imagined or experienced.

This is something so powerful that it touches us deeply every time. It’s a privilege for us to witness it and to make sure it will be remembered.

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