Skofja Loka Couple Session

Great relationship takes time. Above all, it is built on trust, the courage to show vulnerability and an immense amount of faith. It is not ordinary to be able to open up to someone completely. To be accepted and appreciated even when you feel at your worst. To know that when you walk hand in hand, you can feel completely safe. Waking up on an ordinary day yet feeling like a king and a queen of your own little universe. That’s a rare and precious feeling and if you do find it, make sure you choose to invest time every single day to keep the magic happening. All these thoughts were lingering in the back of our mind after this Skofja Loka couple session.

Creating memories needs no special reason

The sea of aimless selfies and random photos. We live in the time where photos are taken at every corner. Always one eye on the screen, in pursuit of the next best shot, hence never really present. Seems like moments are becoming only brief impressions that we soon forget, lost among the thousands of others. Photographs are too often losing their real purpose – to be appreciated, saved in a special place and help us remember some cherished moments. For that reason we believe you don’t always need a really “big” event to book a photosession. Maybe you can sometimes simply want to put on something you feel beautiful in, go some place you like and just be present in the moment. No phones, no distractions, while you just spend some quality time together. These, we believe, are the moments you want to save and enjoy going back to.

Enjoy browsing throught the memories of this lovely romantic Skofja Loka couple session. 


The team that made it happen:
Planning: Lea Grom
Hair: Studio 34
Makeup: Marusa Hladnik
Her Dress: Maja’s Closet (Needle & Thread)
Flowers: Sanjski Šopek

Love what you see? Drop us a message and let’s start creating this amazing adventure together!


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