There is a myth, claiming that eagles can live for up to 70 years if they go through a prolonged and painful process of rebirth. According to the story, to be “reborn” at forty, the eagle must retreat to its nest on a mountain top, first knock off and then regrow its beak, then pluck out and regrow its talons and, finally, pluck out and regrow its feathers, a process that takes 150 days. Thus renewed, the eagle can take its “flight of rebirth” and go on to live another thirty years.

This series of photographs was inspired by this myth, since it carries such an important symbolism of the need for change. Many times, in order to survive, we have to be like this eagle, go into solitude and start a change process. Only freed from past burdens and filled with new energy, we can take advantage of the present.

She did what every woman should do when she feels like she is losing her soul. She wanted to get lost, find a temporary nest for herself, become one with the nature, invisible to the rest of the world – in order to find herself again. Only when she regains her strenght and reignites her inner fire, she is ready to come back. Renewed, like the eagle. She is – Sheagle.


In this white land
My heart finds peace
Do not come to hold my hand
I will find my way home
When I am ready again 
To give you what you miss




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