Rustic Slovenian Wedding

“I am happy you’ve decided you no longer want to be “just friends”. Nowadays many young couples say “oh, it makes no real difference whether you are married or not!” Well, you know what people used to say in the old days? “If it made no real difference then the horse poop would be butter. But it’s not!”

These words was part of the priest’s speech during the church ceremony of this rustic Slovenian wedding, aimed at the soon-to-be newlyweds. The whole church started laughing as he told them in a way that sounded like a joke. His intention behind was of course very serious, but sometimes the essence of the meaning gets to us much easier through the humour.

This priest was a total legend.

He really is a wise man whose words you hardly forget. Another part of his speech that really resonated with us was this one: “To make a decision to promise in front of everyone: “I want to spend with you the rest of my life” … it takes real courage to do this. And I am glad you’ve got it.”

In our eyes, this is not a decision you make with a backup escape plan in mind. Like – ok, let’s get married and enjoy while it lasts, if it doesn’t work out, we can get a divorce anyway. If you do it wholeheartedly though, and with an honest intention and devotion, then it does require courage for sure. Courage to commit, to always be there for another person. To grow and keep becoming a better person, for yourself and for each other, and to be willing to work through the hard times because you know that a relationship is not always just a fairy tale. But you also know that finding a person you’re willing to share your life with is something so special and precious that it’s totally worth it. 

There were so many other beautiful moments throughout the day but we’ll let stop talking and let you experience them through the gallery. 🙂

After the Wedding day.

After delivering the photos of this memorable day, we also received this really heartwarming feedback from the couple. 

“When we started planning our wedding, we had quite a few concerns about choosing a wedding photographer. We were wishing for genuine and spontaneous photos where we would both look relaxed and where also nature would be accentuated. It was hard for us to imagine to get all that in the photos since we are not used to posing at all; I also usually need a lot of time to relax in front of people I don’t know well. We are so very grateful that we came across you guys. You are so sympathetic and pleasant that we still have happy memories of being photographed. You exceeded all our expectations. The photos are amazing. The light is beautiful, the emotions captured genuine and we actually look photogenic!”

rustic slovenian wedding
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Wedding location: Kmetija Na Lanišah
Flowers: Sanjski Šopek
Bridal makeup: IMAKEUP
Bridal dress: Sanjska Obleka

rustic slovenian wedding

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