slovenia wedding photographer

We had a privilege of growing up in this precious piece of our planet. The picturesque mountains overlooking the emerald river valley, the clean nature with air so fresh it hits your lungs with energy and the million dollar views that we used to take for granted as children but learned to cherish more and more with each year. So beautiful it sometimes hardly feels real. It’s not difficult to understand why a couple chooses this piece of heaven for their wedding day. This time it was a rustic boho dream wedding.

We were really looking forward to capturing this international wedding. A genuine and relaxed couple, beautiful natural scenery in a private location and guests who were so honestly happy to be there and celebrate this special day with bride and groom.

We realize time and time again that in essence – it is the energy of the couple and the atmosphere of the day that only people can create, that makes the wedding story truly special. And this time, the story was simply there, warmly welcoming us to tell her through photographs. It reminded us why we love doing this so much.

Crew that helped making this rustic boho dream special:

Videography: KA Photos & Films
Bridal makeup: DC Debora
Hair: Nastja
Nails: Mileusnić Grahović Maja
Decor: Chic weddings
DJ:Dario Diviacchi
Accompaniment on guitar: AnzheAnže Gregorič
Cake: Emazing Creations

“Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it,
I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.”







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