Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding

This Ljubljana castle intimate wedding was a perfect representation of following your own rules for your wedding day …

If you close your eyes for a minute, forget anything you ever heard about weddings and just open up to what feels right deep inside of you … what would true-to-you wedding look like? 

We say that the only thing that is “must” about the wedding is the two of you showing up for each other and letting each other know you really mean to be there for the long ride. All the rest is completely optional.

Not restrained by any expectations or other people’s vision, you can really make this experience personal and deeply meaningful. 

Wedding, for us, is something that goes way beyond just the looks. It’s a magic that happens between two souls.

And these two souls did exactly that when they chose Ljubljana Castle for their intimate wedding. They’d decided that spending the day together, just the two of them, felt the most true to them. Words cannot express how happy we feel and wholeheartedly support the couples who have the courage to follow their path. Because it’s the same thing in a strong relationship – in order to keep the connection healthy, evolving and growing, you turn for the directions inwards, to your heart, and learn not to let any outside rules, norms or expectations define it. And it truly felt magical to experience this personal part of the journey – their wedding day –  alongside of them. 

Hair: Katja MahneFrizerski salon K.M.
Makeup: Anja Skok make up
Bride’s Dress: Poročni atelje Vajina Romanca
Bouquet: Cvetličarna Emporia
Location: Ljubljanski grad / Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
Getting married at Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle intimate wedding
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Ljubljana Castle Intimate Wedding
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