Forest Wedding Slovenia

They got us at: “He loves chocolate and coffee. I love stuffed peppers.” Sharing love for the same tastes (Ursha’s mum makes amazing stuffed peppers!), we knew we would get along right away. So we were really looking forward to this forest wedding in Slovenia.

They are avid travellers but tend to avoid visiting typical tourists spots. Staying in touch with pristine nature and meeting the genuine local people is what attracts them the most. That is also the reason why they chose location in nature for their wedding, away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Wedding location – Farmhouse Na Lanišah

This lovely rustic Farmhouse with a rich tradition, hidden high in the Cerkno Hills, offers everything you can wish from a wedding location in nature. A range of possible spots to choose from for the ceremony and a big, completely renovated barn for the reception. We also had a chance to meet the owners who usually take an active part in planning as well. We felt they were warm and kind people who really go an extra mile to make the couple’s wishes come true.

Wedding day

It was a beautiful sunny day, filled with happiness and warmth. She was getting ready in her grandma’s old house. Stepping into the room felt like stepping back in time yet at the same time feeling connected with the present moment. Air filled with memories and that pleasant smell that takes you back to your own childhood. It is difficult to even put it into words but hopefully the photos reflect at least a hint of it.

Their first look, cozy ride in an old mustang up to the ceremony location and the beautiful celebration are just some of the other day’s highlights. But we’ll end with the words here and let the images lead you through the story.

Forest Wedding Slovenia Forest Wedding Slovenia Forest Wedding Slovenia Forest Wedding Slovenia Forest Wedding Slovenia Forest Wedding Slovenia

Wedding location: Kmetija Na Lanišah
Bouquet: Sanjski Šopek
Bridal makeup: TM Esthetics
Bridal hair: Studio 34

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