We always say that your wedding day should first and foremost be about you two and most importantly about the one thing that truly matters: love and lifelong commitment.

You might, for instance, want to go big, celebrate it in style, in a stunning venue, with lots of intricate decoration and details – that can be absolutely beautiful. However, you might also choose an elopement.

Big wedding or elopement?

Some couples simply dread the idea of planning a big wedding. They are imagining the loads of stress, saying Yes to other’s wishes and neglecting their own, trying to please everyone thus ending up pleasing no one. Letting the wedding day becoming something else instead of a day simply dedicated to their love.

That’s where elopements come in. Grabbing just a few of the closest people (or even none), going to a place you love and saying yes in a very private and personal way. Wherever you want and exactly the way you want it.

That’s probably why elopements are so close to our hearts. Ultimately – a great realationship is something that just two people are building, every single day. In addition, it is so beautiful to see these two people starting their life together in a bit different way than we are traditionally used to. On their own, enjoying the day themselves and just focused on the commitment they are making to each other.

Elopement in Slovenia

This inspired us to make a styled Elopement in Slovenia and thus celebrate love with this beautiful couple. We headed up in the highlands. We were running around. Having loads of fun as well as some peaceful quiet moments. When there’s so much love around, you even forget about the cold.

The moody colours and style have been inspired by some classic novels & movie series and we’ve been dying to create something like this for quite some time now.

Thank you Maja & Nejc for taking this exciting journey with us!

Styling, makeup & bouquet done by us.

Hair: Tina


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