“Just capture us, having fun on our day. No classic poses, nothing too predictable.” We couldn’t be happier, that was the best guideline we could hope for. No rules. Just telling the story of this Chateau Wedding Otocec the way we see it. Awesome.

We had a pre-wedding shoot with the couple the day before. Even though they travelled quite a long way, they were in a good mood. We already got the feeling of their relaxed, fun and pleasant vibe. So we were really looking forward to D-day as well. 

We arrived to the castle early as we wanted to have enough time to immerse in the place. It immediately threw us back in time. Because ee are both obsessed with castles, we could easily spend hours there, just capturing details of the place. 

A gothic water castle in the middle of Krka river. Its walls date back to the 13th century and although It’s been converted into a small luxury hotel (also a member of the prestige association of mansions and restaurants Relais & Chateaux), all the architecture is really well preserved and offers so much to admire. 

Not to mention the awesome door that led to the couple’s appartment. kind of gives you the feeling you are entering a scene from Game of Thrones. 

Intimate Chateau Otocec wedding vibe

From the preps to the cake cutting – it was truly an enjoyable day. There were so many little moments in between, lots of laughter and cool vibes. Bride and groom certanly looked completely relaxed, enjoying the time and not obsessing about any details at all.

Although it looked like it was gonna be a very calm wedding without any surprises, a small drama unwinded just a few minutes before the ceremony. The groom and his company were walking towards the elevator, heading down towards the place of ceremony. As soon as they stepped in, one of the ribbons on the wedding cushion untied itself and the groom’s wedding ring fell. And it fell right down to the bottom of the elevator hole. 

As the maintainance guy was only to arrive the morning after, they had to be really creative to get the ring out. You can try and figure out how from the photo story 😉 

Luckily none of the groom’s squad took the incident heavy-heartedly. After getting it back, they all had a great laugh about it and raised their glasses to a happy return of the ring. 

And we raise our glasses to this Chateau Wedding Otocec and all the intimate weddings that carry their own unique and beautiful stories!

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