For us as storytellers, each moment is important. It is a piece of a unique wedding story, a brief part of the second in time, that makes memory of the day complete. So it was incredibly hard for us to select just some of them. However we did want to take one last look back before we embark on new adventures and remember how grateful we can be for the past year and for all the beautiful couples who entrusted us with taking care of their wedding stories. 
Here we are sharing with you a selection of moments from different stories that we had a privilege to be part of last year – laughter, tears of joy, happiness, excitement, anticipation … all of it! Enjoy browsing through these memories!


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

(T. Seuss Geisel)





Perfect picks. Amazing sense for capturing the life value memories

Thank you so much Vesna!

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