Art photography is something that really touches our soul. This is where our imagination spreads its wings and we just create what we feel like. This is the first in the series of our art shoots, inspired by and celebrating the roles that women play in everyday life. We want to portrait them in almost fairy-tale look but still revealing a real woman behind – to show that every woman is beautiful in any role she has to play in life, even the ones that sometimes feel like a burden.

Sacred Guardian is a portrait of every Woman who is willing to do everything to protect her family and all the sacred secrets that she wants to keep locked behind the walls of her home. She is strong and fierce yet sometimes she also breaks down and cries, when there’s too much on her shoulders. But that does not take away any of her beauty.

Art concept: 2Lindens

MUA: Žana Česnik

art photography art photography art photography art photography art photography   


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