We care about your Story

We consider ourselves storytellers but even more storycarers*. The most important part of your wedding day are you two and everything you share on that day. We love to immerse ourselves into the vibe of the day and shoot what it feels like. Our No.1 priority is stay true to the story, pay attention to everything that happens yet keep ourselves in the background and not let our work interfere with the moments as they occur. We take care to capture you two having great time, sharing your emotions and feelings on your special day. We want the images to bring you back to all the little moments, seemingly unimportant, but as a part of the story of the day – such important pieces of the puzzle that make the memories complete.
We are based in Slovenia, Europe, but love to travel to your favourite wedding destination.

*Storycarer = a person who has accepted responsibility for looking after a story


As soon as we started photographing weddings, we realized we were driven by the same force. We both want to chase authentic moments and emotions – all the deep, raw and beautiful ones. We want to preserve the memory of how something felt like in those brief moments, otherwise gone. All that feelings that are getting saved in photographs with every click at the same time fill us, too. It’s like writing down a story that is revealing in front of our eyes and we are so eager not to miss a thing so you will be able to relive it again. To capture the genuine feel, natural and ambient light are our best friends and will only use additional flash in cases the quality of the photograph would otherwise be compromised too much.

We believe in love. It is the driving force of our work and of life we share each day. The kind of love that shakens your soul, turns your world upside down and makes you wanna be a better person. And we believe in meaningful relations. The kind of people you can talk to honestly and openly, the ones who lift you back up when you fall and celebrate with you when you succeed. Let it be your family, long time friends or simply people you met on a random occasion but instantly found a strong connection and opened door to your life for them widely. These are also the people you’d want to have around on your wedding day and create memories with. And it is such a pleasure to become part of this special day in a couple’s life, each time so different and unique, yet with one thing always in common – love. We wish to spend this day with you, so you can keep the story in the photographs forever.

Storycaring* = the art and act of caring about the story; displaying kindness and concern for the story or a series of moments


We are Ursha & Primož, best friends, life companions and soulmates. Besides wedding rings on our hands, it is the love of art, creation, search of genuine beauty and understanding the depth of interpersonal relations that connects us the most.

We were both active dancers for quite a few years and actually first met each other on the dance stage, which turned out to be a fatal encounter. It took us a few years to realize that photography was another passion we shared and once we seriously embarked on this journey together, we knew it was simply meant to be. Our logo was first designed as our wedding logo – it represents 2 linden trees (as we got engaged under a linden tree), intertwined and supporting each other. As photography became our way of life, it only felt right to keep it also as a symbol of our work.

We are both more of an introvert so when we have a chance to take a break, we really enjoy having time to ourselves to recharge. We don’ t need much to be happy – a cup of good coffee and a great book or movie can keep us content at all times. 🙂 We love books! Especially old ones, where already the covers carry additional stories on their own. Love to read them, love to have them, love to hold them. Dreaming of a small home library someday. As S. King says: Books are a uniquely portable magic. And we could not agree more. We can only add: just like Photographs.

Forest and old peaceful places are our go-to, when we need to clear our heads and just – breathe. There is something about the trees, old walls and misty shadows that we always find soothing and inspiring.

  • HI, I'M URSHA,

  • Style psychologist, bookworm and admirer of antiques. I cannot imagine my day without substantial amount of good coffee. When not holding the camera, I love to sew, write or simply crawl under a big blanket with a good book … or rewatch Harry Potter again and again.
    My brain hardly stops planning or thinking about our projects, ever. Having business background, I am probably the one who brings systematicness and structure into our work, yet I absolutely prefer the creative part of it.
    What I love about Primož is that he is my mirror, showing me everything that’s holding me back and inspiring me to learn and grow everyday. But he also knows how to bring out my inner child and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

    Quote that inspires me the most:
    “Trust dreams. Trust your heart and trust your story.” (Neil Gaiman)


  • Creative soul and artist, always looking for inspiration, especially in places with rich history. I cannot imagine my day without doing something creative. When not holding the camera, I love to get lost in intricate vintage designs and writing in calligraphy, or simply take time to prepare special coffees at home – a little treat for us; it is something that I still like from the times when I used to work as a barrista.
    Having a keen eye for aesthetics and details, I am the one who usually pushes for the extra finish touches to whatever we do.
    What I love about Ursha is that she keeps bringing out the best versions of me. We both have unique set of traits that complete each other like pieces of a puzzle and  I believe that’s why we are so much better together than apart.

    Quote that inspires me the most:
    “The only limits you have are the limits you believe.” (Wayne Dyer)

Special thanks to Photographer Rok Tržan who took these beautiful portraits of us.


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